The Final Change Proposal will see 96 jobs go at Adelaide University, compared to the original figure of 130

Student campaigners at the Maths Learning Centre, Nov 11. Credit: No Adelaide University Cuts.

Adelaide University student representatives have responded with delight at the news that the proposed staff cuts to the Maths Learning Centre will not go ahead.

On Dit reported that in the University’s Draft Change Proposal to make $30 million in annual savings through staff cuts and downsizing, lecturers Nicholas Crouch…

UofA’s rural campus currently does not have a dedicated psychologist or counselling team, despite a mental health crisis amongst vets

Warning: Story contains mentions of suicide and eating disorders, and images of persons who are now deceased

A student-led campaign is currently underway to improve mental health services at the university’s Roseworthy campus, located north of Adelaide.

Claire Bensted is one of the cofounders of the Australian Veterinary Students for…

RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The spectre of cultural appropriation is hanging over the queer community, and it must be stopped in its tracks

Since the beginning of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, there has been a fundamental debate about what our “end goal” should be: invisibility and indifference within mainstream society, or the desire to forge a unique identity that breaks free of the “oppressive” ideals inherent to a heterosexual, cisgender world.

A majority…

An honest and inventive production about the lived experience of disability

Writer and director Michèle Saint-Yves.

Venue: Rumpus Theatre, Bowden
Written and directed by Michèle Saint-Yves

Written by Michèle Saint-Yves and part of RUMPUS theatre’s new season, Clock for No Time asks that perennial question — what makes us, us? What is consciousness, memory, personality,and who are we when it begins to slip away?

I’ll just…

By Diana Reid

Reviewed by Michelle Roylance

“It’s fucked,” I said. “Like if you don’t think about it too much then it’s so fun. All the parties and being surrounded by friends all the time. But that’s the problem, right?” – pg 48.

Love & Virtue encompasses everything about university…

The DVCA told us the decision to axe ARTS 1007 was partly due to the controversial JobsReady Graduate bill

For years, new students in the Arts Faculty have bonded over their mutual, surprisingly deep-seated hatred of ARTS 1007: Enquiring Mind, a compulsory first-year course, and usually among their first tastes of university learning.

Over the semester, students are introduced to a range of topics from disciplines within the Faculty…

The best dating strategy is giving up

Emelia Haskey

iStock by Getty Images

With my busy schedule involving juggling study, work, and my plans to nationalise the production of Moscato, I’ve been taking some time away from the dating scene. The sheer bliss of not constantly checking your tinder messages and trying to come…

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