5 fun things one could do with stolen stupol banners!

Words By Stasi Kapetanos

Every few years it seems someone cannot help themselves from stealing a student politics faction’s banners — and this year is one of them! Trying to understand the motives of these banner bandits is not very hard. Below are five different things people may potentially steal a stupol banner for.

  1. To wear them as capes!

Why buy a superhero costume from some store when you could be a Unite batman or Connect Thor for free?

2. Perhaps use them as a blanket?

It’s still winter, you wouldn’t wanna let the little piggies freeze now would we?

3. Or to pretend to be a ghost?


4. Maybe make a dress?

The dress in this picture is obviously far superior to anything made out of a Progress banner.

5. Cut them out and make finger puppets!

I think we all will have seen enough puppet shows on campus by the end of this week at least.

Honourable mention:

6. Use them again next year!

Even abolishing capitalism and the police via the Student Representative Council does not seem like such an unrealistic tall order compared to some of these campaign promises. There’s no reason not to whip them out again some time.

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