10 things that definitely occurred during the examination period

  1. freak out. a lot.
  2. board the G10/20 busses from the CBD with a dozen other students heading into Wayville for exams
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Adelaide Metro, an old friend.
  1. create a Snapchat of this nature to send to all your peers
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4. doubt yourselves and turn to group prayers

5. forget something last minute

6. visited the Adelaide University Union’s rescue station to take the complimentary lollies

7. say you’re a UniSA student at the USASA tent to read their Verse magazine.

8. get papped by the University of Adelaide marketing team for their official Snapchat channel

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@uniofadelaide on snapchat

9. googling a concept just before you walk into an exam and having that topic in the paper

10. get a drink at the Goody to wind down or attend an end of semester faculty party.


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